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Episode 11 - Meghan Patrick


 We start out our second season with a whopper of an interview! Meghan is a bad-Quack hunter, musician, artist, and all-around woman! You're not going to want to miss her stories about her first hunts and experiences on the road and social media as a proud hunter. 

Episode 12 - Easton Corbin


Country music artist and a great hunter and conservationist Easton Corbin sits down to talk music and hunting! While you wait, check out his brand of casual apparel, Rural Cloth!

Episode 13 - Bobby Pinson


One of Nashville's hottest song writers takes a break from writing and farming to share some stories from the road...and there are many!

Episode 14 - Riley Green


Riley Green is on fire and we were lucky enough to catch up with him in Nashville at the CMA Awards!

Episode 15 - Ray Fulcher


Ray Fulcher is a song writer with hits recorded by Luke Combs, but he's a fantastic solo artist as well.

Episode 16 - Jordan Rowe


Part of the Blue Otter Polarized family, Jordan Rowe is an emerging artist with an amazing future in front of him! Who wouldn't love a guy with a band on his necklace and a family recipe for "Hubcap Lasagna"!


Episode 0 - Sneak Peak


Meet hosts Mary O'Neill Phillips and Mitch Petrie with a Sneak Peak of what's to come in Season 1 of The Country Outdoors Podcast

Episode 1 - Tyler Farr

Mary O'Neill Tyler Farr Mitch Petrie at CMA Fest in Nashville recording the Country Outdoors Podcast

 Check in with Mary & Mitch as they sit down with Tyler Farr in Nashville at the 2019 CMAFest. True to form, Tyler is unashamed of his hunting heritage and lifestyle and shares a few stories from the field and adventures with the Buck Commander team on Outdoor Channel. 

Episode 2 - Jon Langston -


Mitch & Mary caught up with Deer Week Host Jon Langston at the Iowa State Fair! This is one you won't want to miss!

Episode 3 - Dylan Scott


 Mitch & Mary catch up with Dylan Scott who talks about his Louisiana hunting roots and the charity concert he created to raise money to take kids hunting! 

Episode 4 - Rhett Akins


 Country-Music Song Writer of the Decade sits down with Mitch Petrie on a recent trip through Minnesota.  

Episode 5 - Jordan Davis


 Jordan Davis shares stories of hunting with his father and tagging great white sharks!  

Episode 6 - Craig Campbell


 Craig Campbell talks about his outdoor and Nashville life an much more! 

Episode 7 - Nate Hosie & Randy Birdsong


  Aspiring country-music artist and Outdoor Channel host Nate Hosie with co-host Randy Birdsong talk music and hunting across America  

Episode 8 - LOCASH


  Mitch & Mary catch up with LOCASH in on tour Minnesota! Tune in to hear about the history of this hot-country duo and hear their big announcement about their first USO tour!  

Episode 9 - Drake White


  A conversation with Drake White is never dull and this one is no exception!     

Episode 10 - Nick Hoffman


 Nick Hoffman, 13+ year fiddle player for Kenny Chesney and host of Nick's Wild Ride joins Mary & Mitch in a wide ranging interview where Nick might even have composed the new theme song for the podcast!  

Episode 17 - Dillon Carmichael


Long-time fan of the podcast and one of our favorite artists, Dillon Carmichael, sits down with Mitch & Mary. This guy has 99 Problems but a Fish Ain't One! If you're driving please be careful as his voice is hypnotic!

Episode 18 - Mattie Jackson Selecman


Often referred to as Alan Jackson's daughter, Mattie has some amazing accomplishments of her own and we are honored that she sat down to share some stories and her passion in the fight against human trafficing.

Episode 19 - CJ Solar


You've heard his song, Up Down, recorded by Morgan Wallen, but you're going to be hearing more from him as a solo artist very soon, if you already haven't. Geaux Tigers!

Episode 20 - Natalie Murphy


With new music just released, Natalie takes time from her busy touring schedule to share her solo adventures and a few with her husband, Season 1 Guest, Nick Hoffman!

Episode 21 - David Nail


We caught up with David on our most recent pass through Nashville and David shares some adventures from his childhood and his struggles with depression.

Episode 22 - Cody Johnson


Mitch and Mary are joined by Cody Johnson at a South Dakota Turkey Camp!